Read: How India can still qualify for the next round. The Equation is pretty simple than you think.


With two defeats in two match India is on the last position of the group A table. The situation is looking grim for India with -4 goal differences. After yesterday’s loss to Colombia, we felt that India is out of the World Cup and there is no way we can qualify to the next round. But when the IFTWC team sit down to discuss, if there is any chance of India to qualify for the next round. We were surprised to see that the equation is pretty simple than we initially thought. Before going to the explanation, let us remind you that 16 team will qualify for the next round, while first and second ranked team from all the groups will qualify, four best third rank team will also make the cut.

On the last edition of U17 WC, only teams with at least 4points managed to qualify for the next round. If the scenario was same, India would stand no chance. But it is not. this year  looking at every group result, we can see that even 3 points will be enough for a third place team to qualify for the next round. Hope comes from group B and group E.

In group B New Zealand and Turkey are not performing well, while both the team have lost one match each, they have played draw against each other. The next match both the team have are against Mali and Paraguay respectively. looking at the form of all the team, its highly unlikely that New Zealand and Turkey can register further win, which means the third place team of group B will either have 1 points or 2 points.

Coming to group E, Honduras and New Caledonia which are are taking the bottom two places of the group, can be termed as weakest group of this competition. with just one match played they have goal margin of -5 and -6 respectively, the goal difference is expected to worsen more when the play France and Japan accordingly. When Honduras and New Caledonia face each other, one team is expected to register a win against another. taking one to 3rd place with 3 point but with goal difference of possibly more than -5.

Now Coming to our group. While US has already qualified with 6 points, Colombia is sitting at second place  with 3 point and 0 goal difference. Ghana is also have the same points and goal difference with Colombia capturing the 3rd place. India on the other hand is struggling with -4 goal difference without any win registered. India is to face Ghana on 12th. The Equation is now pretty simple for India, Win the match with two goal differences and take third place with -2 goal difference. if India wins against Ghana by 2-0 or 3-1. The point and goal difference between India and Ghana will be same,but virtue of better goal addition, India will qualify to the next round as best 3rd rank team. now coming to the US Colombia match if US defeats Colombia by 3 goal margin,  we may end up as the second rank team of our group.

Now we all have to hope that India defeats Ghana by 2 goal margin so that we qualify for the next round. See how simple the equation.

Now the question comes how India will defeat Ghana. We have watched the Ghana’s game closely and found out some serious weakness and loopholes, which we will discuss on the next article.