Moments you missed from the INDIA vs Colombia Game


 1)  Look at KP Rahul at the back. He is on his knees with his hands on his head. That’s how much the goal meant to the Indian players, that’ s how important the World Cup is for them. Pure Emotions.


2)   Indian Coach De Matos hugging a tired and a heart-broken Rahim Ali, who had a very bad game, probably because of being marked by 2 Colombian defenders at all time while Rahul is looking towards the scoreboard in rather disbelief.



 3) The moment that made the whole stadium go bonkers and why shouldn’t they be ? Jeakson created history for India at the mark of 9:40PM when he headed a cross from Sanjeev Stalin into the Colombian goal and became the 1st Indian to score in a FIFA World Cup.



4) After the Game, Indian U17 Coach took all the heavy-hearted and upset Indian players towards the galery that were cheering for the Team the loudest and didn’t stop even when India was down by 2 goals to 1.

And the applause that followed after the final whistle is what makes football and its supporters so much special.


5) While most of us heaped praises on Jeakson and Dheeraj but seldom any for Anwar Ali who was indispensable in the back four. The best thing about him was that even after getting blows on the knees and foot he stood up every time. Even with all the pain he played throughout the 90 minutes.

Just like his hairstyle, his playing style too is like that of a Samurai Warrior – Robust, Agile, Resilient.


6)  Indian Fan cheering up Abhijit Sarkar after the loss, just a like big brother would do.