Fans are set to have much better experience in today’s match.


As we reported yesterday that fans in JLN Stadium Delhi and Kochi had bitter experience with lack of drinking water availability. Due to security reasons outside water was not permitted inside the stadium, and inside the stadium water was very hard to find. People were forced stay without drinking water for as long as 4/5 hours, which definitely effected the energy level in cheering up for India. When posted about it yesterday, the dissatisfaction of the fans was clearly visible on the comment section. You can check the post and comments here.

Looks like our post was successful in bringing the problem in to the notice of organisers. While the Kerala govt all ready intervened in this. Read here.

We IFTWC team has exclusive report that the situation in Delhi is also been taken care of. When we contacted insider from organising committee, we were informed that tournament director Javier Ceppi was very unhappy with every concern bodies. Specially the food and beverage body was warned with strong words. As we are reporting this, Today we will going to have a totally different experience. Every fan present in the stadium will be provided 2/3 half litter water pouch and if that turns out insufficient than for sale drinking water will also be available easily.

Another shameful incident we have seen was disposal of food packets and water glasses everywhere. We are informed that, this also won’t be repeated today. Worker will be continuously cleaning the stadium at the time of the games and dustbins will also be provided in every part of the stadium.

So, from these information, it looks like the fans are going to have a better experience that 6th October. However only the time will tell how successful it would be.